Fiber Recovery Drum Screen Is Used for Pulping Equipment
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Fiber Recovery Drum Screen Is Used for Pulping Equipment

Fiber Recovery Drum Screen Is Used for Pulping Equipment

Product Description FST CYLINDER SCREEN FST cylinder screen is a equipment for separating impurities and recovering fibe
Basic Info.
Trademark Fangyuan Zhonghe
Origin Shandong, China
HS Code 8439100000
Production Capacity as Per Model
Product Description
Product Description

FST cylinder screen is a equipment for separating impurities and recovering fibers, it is installed after the pulper or impurity separator. The slurry (mostly light impurities, such as water and plastic, styrene foam, etc.) from the hydraulic washer enters the cylinder screen, which is carried into the air with the cylinder rotating, and it falls down due to the effect of gravity. At this time, the spray water is washed down by the available fiber attached to the impurity and converge to the slurry trough through the sieve plate. In the process of pushing the spiral guide blades forward, the impurities are constantly tossed and washed, and finally it is discharged from the cylinder screen. The white water containing a small amount of fiber in the pulp outlet can be returned to the hydrapulper for reuse and the impurities are discharged. (users can bring their own slag cars or chutes to facilitate the discharge of impurities).
In actual production, the cylinder screen can absorb a large amount of impurity slurry in a short period of time, and will not clog or overflow the equipment.

Dimension of sieve drum(mm)φ955×4200φ1200×4000φ1500×5000φ2500×5000
Speed of sieve drum(r/min)28252011
Diameter of sieve hole(mm) φ8-φ14
Pressure of spray water(Mpa)0.2-0.3
Production capacity(t/d)10-2520-4020-6030-100
Power of motor(kw)5.57.51118.5

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Company Information

Shandong Fangyuan Zhonghe Machinery Co., Ltd(Formerly Zhucheng Fangyuan Machinery Co., Ltd) is the backbone enterprise specializing in the production of environmentally-friendly pulping equipment, tissue paper machine and sewage treatment equipment, the main products include two categories, more than 50 series, the production of paper pulp making equipment, such as FST cylinder screen, sewage treatment equipment, with high technical content, it has reached the domestic advanced level in the same industry. Fangyuan Zhonghe adhere to the business purpose and policy of "custom is the first" and "unity and pragmatism, striving for excellence", introduces the modern science and technology and management methods, and constantly introduce excellent talents and modern equipment, breaks through innovation, strives for excellence, the excellent quality makes company's products develop continuously in the fierce market competition. The FST cylinder screen we manufactured were sold well all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. With the rapid development of the national economy and the requirement of the sustainable development and harmonious development, environmental protection is playing a more and more important role. China's environmental protection industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for development. To improve the living environment of mankind and write a brilliant chapter of Chinese environmental protection industry, we will make unremitting efforts and have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. Our company warmly welcomes friends and business colleagues all over the world to come and guide us in creating a better future for environmental protection.

Q1. Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we have been concentrating on this series of products for more than 20 years of experience

Q2. How to install the FST cylinder screen?

A: We can give you guide by video, voice, email by all kinds of chatting APP

If there's still doubt, we can arrange the professional engineer to install in your country

Q3. How do you pack the FST cylinder screen?

A: Normally as the export standard or as your needs

Q4. What is your available port of shipment?

A: Qingdao port, etc.

Q5. Do you offer guarantee for the FST cylinder screen?

A: Yes, under the right condition, we can offer time warranty for our products