Skechers Go Walk Joy — Best Walking Shoes For $40
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Skechers Go Walk Joy — Best Walking Shoes For $40

May 24, 2023

We could talk all day about the physical and mental health benefits of walking, but the truth is: If you don't have the right shoes, you're way less likely to get those steps in. So when we found out one of our favorite, podiatrist-approved walking shoes was on sale for $40 on Amazon, we were about ready to shout it from the rooftops.

The Skechers Go Walk Joy was already one of the most affordable walking shoes, but this current markdown makes the versatile slip-ons a true no-brainer—and with the way Amazon shoppers flock to these cloud-like kicks, we might even predict a sellout.

Skechers Go Walk Joy

Holistic podiatrist Robert Kornfeld, DPM, says the Skechers Go Walk Joy sneakers are "a great alternative for those on a tighter budget," highlighting the shoe's "lightweight, flexible, and well-cushioned sole" and the extra cushioning in its midsole.

"Walking shoes are generally slightly more rigid than running shoes and cross trainers, but Skechers makes up for that with a substantial well-cushioned interface to absorb the repetitive shock of the thousands of steps taken every day," Kornfeld adds.

Nearly 60,000 Amazon shoppers have given these shoes a perfect five-star rating—and a shocking amount of reviewers say the Skechers Go Walk Joy have relieved symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Kornfeld backs this, too.

"The 1½ inch heel to toe drop relieves a lot of the stress on the achilles tendon and therefore can ease the discomfort of achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis," he says.

The shoes are also a great pick for women over 50 who, according to licensed podiatrist and founder of the Quality Podiatry Group, Sidney Weiser, DPM, should “avoid rigid fabric, tight shoe gear, and non-flexible soles, which can cause blisters.”

With a lightweight, stretchy upper and an adaptable sole that molds to your foot, the Skechers Go Walk Joy certainly fit the bill.

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Former fitness trainer and mindbodygreen contributor, Lauren Anderson, says the Skechers Go Walk Joy are one of the brand's most comfortable styles yet, and she loves them as a recovery day shoe for runners. That's because the 5GEN® cushioned midsole provides substantial shock absorption to prevent foot fatigue and keep your joints healthy, as Kornfeld pointed out.

Despite packing plenty of cushioning, the Go Walk Joy is still surprisingly lightweight. Reviewers say it almost feels like you're not wearing anything on your feet, comparing the plush cushioning to "walking on air."

Another huge perk per thousands of Amazon reviews? These lightweight shoes are also super well-ventilated. The perforated material allows plenty of air circulation to keep feet cool, comfortable, and moisture-free even on hot summer walks.

Skechers Go Walk Joy

Achy, swollen feet? No problem. Shoppers rave that the stretchy material expands to accommodate swelling. Plus, the shoes are incredibly easy to slide on and off, thanks to the lace-free design and convenient pull-loop on the heel. And where some slip-on shoes slip and slide as you walk, these actually stay secure throughout the day.

Likely their biggest advantage, the Skechers Go Walk Joy also require no break in period. Shoppers promise these true-to-size shoes are comfortable right out of the box.

It's rare to find a podiatrist-recommended shoe that are also affordable, but these Skechers Go Walk Joy slip-ons are an exception. We recommend snagging a pair while they're on sale; it's $40 your feet (and daily step goal) will thank you for spending.

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