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Most Comfortable Golf Shoes 2023

Aug 29, 2023

An enjoyable round of golf begins from the ground up with a pair of the most comfortable golf shoes. There’s a good chance you’ll find stubborn veteran players who insist shoes are the least important gear in a golfer’s arsenal, but there’s an equally good chance the same naysayers take a cart through their rounds. Introduced in the late 1800’s with screw-in metal spikes, golf shoes have evolved over time as new designs, materials and properties improve not only performance, but comfort, too.

Walk the course in comfort with a pair of supportive, well-fitting golf shoes.

For the walking golfer, it’s essential to don kicks that support every step across every course. While that means your golf shoes should be comfortable first and foremost, it means they should also keep blisters, sores and inflammation at bay. But why is this so important? Well, when you’re not spending time fretting over your feet, you can instead focus on balance, posture and overall performance. Accordingly, comfortable golf shoes can make you a better golfer.

With that in mind, the following collection of the most comfortable golf shoes features different styles at varied price points so golfers of any age, ability and fashion preference can find the right pair to spend untold hours on the course. While the Ecco Biom C4 earned a spot atop our list, other noteworthy shoes made the cut as well. Find the pair that fits your foot from heel to toe and enjoy every round in total comfort.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Ecco Golf makes not only the most comfortable golf shoes you can buy, but some of the comfiest footwear you can don, period. The Biom C4 Golf Shoe is designed for maximum support with a thick sole and Ecco’s Fluidform insulation all about the footbed.

Wrapped in a Gore-Tex Surround membrane to provide water resistance, the Biom C4s also keep feet cool on a hot day thanks to the breathable properties of Gore-Tex Surround. Laid out with perforated venting from the tow to mid-shoe, these kicks also wick moisture away from the footbed to keep your feet dry through a hot round.

It’s worth noting that all Ecco shoes wear very well with optimal build quality that’ll keep them in your closet for years to come. If you decide to invest in a spike-less model like the Biom line, there’s a good chance these will quickly become sneakers you turn to for daily use as well.


FootJoy dominates the PGA Tour with their high-end shoes aimed at serious golfers who require a blend of function and comfort. Professional golfers on multiple tours walk 18 holes three or four days in a weekend to make their hay, and they can’t worry about their apparel once play begins. Truth be told, anything less than a perfect fit and optimal support does no good, which is why they rely so heavily on a solid shoe like those from FootJoy.

For the Hyperflex Carbon, FootJoy builds in a thermoplastic elastomer sole that provides flexibility and support below its performance mesh upper. An OrthoLite Impressions FitBed insole is shaped to provide immediate comfort for any foot and molds for a custom fit over time. And finally, an OptiFlex Outsole keeps the foot stable during swings and over the course of the day’s golf hike.


The sole mission of the golf lovers over at LinkSoul is to keep their gear casual and comfortable for the younger crowd. Because fewer millennials and post-millennials want to rock the golf slacks and single-color polo look, LinkSoul jumps into the space with fashions that lean into more casual attire. Their golf shoe offerings come from a partnership with True Linkswear, keeping them in line with the “slacker goes golfing” vibe.

Of course, all are welcome in the 21st century golf world, and the True X LinkSoul Knit II Shoe offers a soft, light and supportive fit for the youngsters. The shoe wraps snuggly around the foot like a sock and while it doesn’t have the same supportive feel as some of the other entries here, it’s definitely the lightest choice on this list, which makes it a great choice for those who wish to shed weight.


Adidas is a legendary, old money athletic shoe brand with fingers in multiple sports—it makes much of its money in the basketball, football, soccer and tennis worlds. Still, the German label’s golf shoe line is extensive and covers multiple style choices for those that know golf well or simply want to spend some time at the driving range.

The Adidas Codechaos 22 features the company’s Boost midsole throughout the length of the shoe to offer a little bounce, which makes for a more enjoyable day on the course as you walk from hole to hole. A spike-less design with Twist Grip traction and sidewall wraps for support, the shoe offers loads of comfort and good looks, too. While some of the styles are a bit more subdued, others are loud and ready to help you stand out on the course.


One of the newest names in the golf shoe business, Payntr builds every piece of footwear with detail, care and elite materials that lead to a better time on the course. For example, the company makes their offerings without worrying about the rest of the industry’s trends. The robotically-named X 005 F stands out as the first model of a spike-less golf shoe to incorporate carbon fiber into the shoe for weight reduction and a strong swing platform as your weight shifts.

The Payntr designers put leather to work on the topside of the shoe for toughness and water resistance, and because leather gets softer as it moves, these shoes will only get more comfortable over time. Meanwhile, the shoe’s construction uses an Ariaprene tongue to hold the foot in place and a molded orthopedic footbed to keep the shoes comfortable at all cost. Add a hint of subdued styling and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, one-of-a-kind shoe that’s ready for every round.

Obviously, golf shoe designers and manufacturers understand both the structure of the human foot and the mechanics of walking. The research and development of motion mechanics and materials becomes essential when designing a comfortable golf shoe.

According to Payntr’s co-founder, creative director and lead designer Michael Glancy, innovation is any golf brand’s most important tool.

“We want to give the consumer a competitive advantage,” Glancy says. “That is a non-negotiable in the development and engineering of all of our models. Our products are designed to make the golfer perform better—and comfort is certainly part of that.”

Glancy reminds us that golfers spend more time on their feet than any other sport—walking up to 6 hours a day. For that reason, here’s what you should consider when shopping for a pair of the most comfortable golf shoes.

There is perhaps no variable more important when searching for a pair of comfy golf shoes than a proper fit. Keep in mind that solf shoes should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose, and consider the shoe's width, length and arch support to find the right fit for your foot.

Look for shoes made from high-quality, breathable materials such as leather, synthetic leather or mesh, as these materials promote air circulation, keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout the round. It’s worth noting that shoes with poor breathability will build up moisture and more easily cause blisters, so you’ll want a shoe that breathes to keep minor injuries at bay.

When you’re on your feet for hours at a time, cushioning spells the difference between comfort and pain. Look for shoes with cushioned insoles and midsoles that offer support and reduce pressure.

Any pair of golf shoes worth its salt should provide stability and prevent your feet from sliding during your swing. Look for shoes with features like a wider base, lateral support and traction elements such as cleats or spikes for improved grip.

Because you may not always find yourself playing on a sunny summer day, you’ll need a shoe with waterproofing to keep your feet dry through wet rounds. Look for shoes with waterproof membranes or treatments to repel water effectively, but keep in mind that waterproofing comes at the cost of breathability.

Flexibility in the forefoot promotes a more natural and comfortable walking motion. Shoes that are too stiff, on the other hand, can cause discomfort and restrict movement, so keep an eye out for flexible materials and designs that allow your foot to move.

Adequate airflow is essential to prevent your feet from getting sweaty and uncomfortable. Look for golf shoes with breathable uppers or mesh panels that allow air to circulate.

Your golf shoes should be built to last, which is why you should consider the quality of the construction, stitching and overall durability to ensure your footwear will withstand the rigors of regular play.

Comfort and performance are paramount, but style is also a consideration if you want to stand out on the course or complete your outfit. Look for shoes that align with your personal style preferences and the dress code of the golf course.

Though they might look similar—especially when they take on a spike-less, sneaker-ish look—golf shoes have a different task to perform than basketball sneakers or tennis shoes. Companies like Payntr analyze those differences and build a shoe to meet the needs of a golfer.

“We look at our footwear as equipment,” Glancy explains. “We design and develop our footwear to amplify performance and maximize energy return. For golf shoes specifically, having a product that can maximize energy return is a fundamental principle.”

Glancy insists specialized function and comfort work hand in hand, adding that shoemakers can't maximize performance without maximizing comfort. “So many brands simply focus on one, but we look at these components as one system both functioning together.”

While Payntr and its rivals build in elite materials such as carbon fiber and waterproof Gore-Tex wrappings to armor a golf shoe, Glancy insists comfort is king.

“We want and design shoes that perform throughout the round and from tee to green,” he says. “We all can remember the time a blister formed after a few holes that ruined a round. We are so confident in the comfort and performance in our golf shoes that we give customers a "Blister Free Warranty." If you get a blister, you can give the shoes back with a full refund. We have yet to receive a single claim.”

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