Julian Strawther’s 2023 Summer League Review
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Julian Strawther’s 2023 Summer League Review

Aug 08, 2023

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The reigning NBA champions just got even better.

Mr. Clutch for Gonzaga this past season hopes to bring his catch and shoot three-point shooting abilities to the highest level of play and I have strong faith in him to do so after watching him in Las Vegas. Strawther showed off his variety of strengths when it comes to scoring the ball in the 2023 NBA Summer League.

His shot preparation is what stands out the most when watching Strawther play. Hands are always ready, hips are loaded, and feet are set towards the basketball. Every damn time.

Julian with 23 PTS at the end of the Q3 pic.twitter.com/ObyZ14pOxi

Strawther’s overall body will need to be improved for the NBA game and his growth on the defensive end will go along with it as time moves on. There were times in Las Vegas this summer where he was getting out-strengthened by his opponent and looked a bit small out on the floor in certain matchups. Julian has the height and arm length to be a capable wing defender against some of the better players that the league has to offer but it all starts in the weight room if he wants to compete with the big boys.

Denver fans should be very happy with what their front office has put together through the 2023 NBA Draft with Julian Strawther as well as Jalen Pickett and Hunter Tyson. Nikola Jokic has even more support coming from his 2nd unit as the Nuggets look to repeat next season.

Top 5 Rookies in Summer League by PPG#1. Keyonte George - 21.7 PPG#2. Hunter Tyson - 20.8 PPG#3. Cam Whitmore - 20.4 PPG#4. Julian Strawther - 18.2 PPG#5. Victor Wembanyama - 18.0 PPGDid the Denver Nuggets win the 2023 draft? pic.twitter.com/n98NhYFPrR

Arden Cravalho is a Gonzaga University graduate from the Bay Area... Follow him on Twitter @a_cravalho

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