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Nov 04, 2023

With a noticeable increase in the time we spend outdoors, hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing and camping are more popular than ever. Having the right versatile sneaker is oh-so important to staying in motion. Enter the Kiata Waterproof sneaker, available for women and men, which is geared to be supportive and comfortable for all of your summer, autumn and spring activities. It’s composed of a 100% waterproof 3D knit upper crafted from a single yarn to provide a seamless design, flowing around the curves of your feet. It’s lightweight sock-like upper, combined with a high rebound cushioned midsole and perforated comfort insole, provides breathability, support and stability. The “TUFgrip” outsole provides strong traction on flat hard surfaces and uneven terrain and delivers best in class, non-marking grip. It’s breathable, comfortable and keeps your feet protected from the elements.They’re available in a few colours and sizes from 5 to 14, with some sizes featuring half-size options.

Steph and I have been wearing these daily since July and here’s our feedback from real-world use from two real-world people, who balance urban and outdoor life.Steph’s Impressions

I’ve now used the Xtratuf waterproof shoes for hiking, kayaking, boating, beach walks, and walks through city streets, and I’ve found them great in almost every context. They’re roomy, comfortable, and for the most part fully waterproof. I’ve even stuck my foot directly into a lake roughly halfway up the shoe line and the insides have stayed completely dry.

The one exception was when I wore them with long socks and sport leggings while hiking in a downpour. The leggings and socks got wet, which allowed water to enter the inside of the shoes. Because they’re treated to be waterproof, it took days for the insides of the shoes to fully dry. In retrospect, shorter socks would likely have helped so that the shoes could have stayed closed around my ankles. And honestly, no other pair of shoes would have fared better in the circumstances.

I have wider feet and find the sizing to be comfortable for me at my usual size, so that’s a potential positive for others like me who typically have trouble finding shoes with a roomy fit. I’d definitely buy these again, but it’s doubtful I’ll need to for a while: they feel durable and stain resistant, and I expect they’ll stay in good shape for a long time to come.

Jay’s Impressions

My activities have mirrored Steph’s and the immediate benefit for me is skipping my usual socks and sneakers routine. I simply slide the Kiata’s on and off I go. Being an avid kayaker, my feet get wet getting in and out of my kayak and with the Kiata, I’m kept quite dry. I’ve done beach walks with them, plenty of city-based walks and driving a manual transmission vehicle feels just as good here as it does my traditional sneaker. I haven’t worn them in heavy rain as Steph has…maybe I’ve been luckier than her weather-wise.

If you’re looking for a waterproof sneaker that’s stylish and comfortable, the XTRATUF Kiata should be on your very short list.To order your pair, click here.

Steph’s ImpressionsJay’s Impressions