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Best recovery sandals to boost your performance in 2023

Jul 10, 2023

Recovery sandals are said to provide a range of benefits. Here are our top picks for post-training comfort or simply looking after your feet

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By Fin Cousins

Published: August 25, 2023 at 3:22 pm

We have seen an increased focus on the significance of recovery and rejuvenation.

Today, athletes optimise their routines to the finest details, aiming to give themselves the best possible chance to win a race or break a record time.

Enter recovery sandals – a footwear that fuses comfort and therapeutic design.

While we traditionally associate recovery with ice baths, massage guns and compression sleeves, the benefits of recovery sandals are said by some to include enhanced circulation, muscle recovery, arch support and pressure point relief.

If you’re putting in the miles as a runner or spending long hours on your feet, recovery sandals offer a supportive solution to help you recover.

Below, we run through our top picks for every budget, with choices based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

OOFOS is a footwear brand that specialises in creating recovery sandals and shoes designed to provide comfort and support.

Its products are known for their innovative use of proprietary foam called OOfoam Recovery technology, which is present on the brand’s OOriginal Sandal.

These sandals are said to absorb 37% more impact than traditional foams, providing relief to tired feet.

Their patented footbed is said to offer optimal arch support, alleviating stress on sore feet, ankles, knees and lower back.

With a biomechanically designed structure that encourages natural movement, the OOriginals are both machine washable and said to be engineered for comfort, cradling your foot as you walk.

The Hoka Recovery Flip 2 is a flip flop designed for post-race foot recovery.

They feature an oversized Hoka One midsole, Meta-Rocker technology (normally found on the brand’s running shoes) and they’re said to offer anatomically-friendly toe straps for support.

The Flip 2 features a dual-layer construction, including a soft top layer for comfort and a resilient midsole for durability, which Hoka says ensures a smooth and supportive ride.

Hoka claims the soft-top layer of EVA offers comfort when stepping in and the strategic groove placement enhances traction.

Hoka’s Ora Luxe is an upgraded version of their popular Ora Slide. Designed to provide post-run relief, these recovery slides feature an adjustable Ariaprene strap.

Hoka says the material consists of a combination of foam and mesh, designed to provide a light feel.

The sugarcane EVA midsole is also said to ensure a lightweight and eco-friendly construction, while the adjustable Velcro straps offer a personalised fit.

This pair of slide sandals from Oncai provide a budget option. They’re designed to be orthotic sandals and feature an adjustable fabric strap which hooks onto a loop to change the width of the sandal.

There’s also arch support and deep heel cushioning, which is designed to correct foot posture, alleviate foot pain and address plantar fasciitis and related issues.

Oncai says the sliders feature a footbed made from the same material as a yoga mat, with a wave pattern to offer increased comfort.

The slide-proof rubber soles are also designed to ensure stability on wet surfaces. They’re available in 10 different colour combinations, with a range of textures and materials.

Originally designed for trail runners after long runs, Salomon says its Reelax Slide 6.0 provides a soft, breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool.

The silhouette takes inspiration from mules, but slip on like a pair of slippers, which Salomon claims provides a relaxing foothold.

Its cushioned, oversized Energy Cell midsole aims to provide support to aid recovery after a hard running session. The fit is said to be generous, able to cater to wider feet.

In an unlikely turn, Crocs has risen in popularity in recent years – this pair of recovery slides are a way to jump on the trend.

With a marbled effect, these slides boast a fully moulded construction and Crocs’ LiteRide foam technology, aiming to let your feet sink into the sole.

They also feature deep, cupped footbeds, which Crocs says give you enough room for comfort, plus upper windows for breathability.

Look for sandals with built-in arch support. Proper arch support helps alleviate foot strain and can contribute to overall comfort and posture.

Recovery sandals should offer cushioning that’s soft yet supportive. The cushioning material should be designed to absorb impact and provide a comfortable walking experience.

Check if the footbed is anatomically contoured to match the natural shape of your foot. This ensures that your feet are properly supported and aligned.

Look for adjustable straps or closures. This allows you to customise the fit to your foot shape, accommodating different foot widths and providing a secure fit.

Looking for something a little more unconventional to boost your recovery? Read our article on the best toe separators to buy today.

Top image credit: Kien Nguyen/Unsplash

Fin Cousins is a digital writer for Our Media’s special interest brands. He works across BBC Science Focus and 220 Triathlon, offering recommendations for the latest tech, innovative gadgets, and state-of-the-art training gear.

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