The best golf shoes with white street shoe sneaker styling
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The best golf shoes with white street shoe sneaker styling

Oct 10, 2023

Shoe Style

The white shoe has long been synonymous with golf style as, the story goes, a lighter shade on a shoe is believed to better reflect the sun’s rays, therefore keeping your feet cooler for all 18 holes. It was in the 1800s when the first white golf shoe was reported in an early golf publication in Scotland. While the sport’s heritage is usually associated with Scotland, it was an American golf and style icon who we have to thank for the ongoing prowess of the white course shoe when, in 1925, professional Walter Hagen strutted into New York’s Lido Club in a white and black two-toned brogue confection, complete with the sweeping “w” wingtip design, often referred to as a flying, soaring bird. From there, and thanks to the invention of new materials other than dark leather to befit footwear, the white golf shoe took off.

Above (Left): Walter Hagen at the U.S. Open at the Winged Foot Club, Mamaroneck, N.Y. (Right): Hagen takes a swing during a 1940's Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga.

Today, the white sneaker is one of those rare items that transcends the confining, outdated genres of golf wear and street style, fitting into both athletic and upscale looks effortlessly. You can dress the white sneaker up just as stylishly as you can dress it down. And thanks to the breakthroughs in technical fabrics and materials, you don’t need to worry about a white shoe getting irreparably and untimely scuffed up. The shoes we’ve rounded up here are absolutely designed with performance and comfort first, with style and versatility just as high up on the list. With these fashionable golf-ready options that will take you from day to night, you can ignore any doubtful whisperings of “it’ll get dirty too quickly!” or “you can’t wear white past Labor Day!” Scroll below for 18 stylish, durable, performance-enhancing, and long-lasting options for both men and women.

In addition to featuring G/Fore’s signature skull-and-crossbone logo design along the outsoles—and in a spirited bubble gum pink, no less—this sophisticated pair of classic brogues features stylized perforated leather and a removable, washable insole for easy care. The unique, textured cleat design means great traction, designed for every moment of the golfer’s journey.

The storied English company is known for its cricket shoes, but bounded into the golf world and U.S. market in 2021. Since then, their kickers have made a name for themselves as uber comfy and easy to break in, offering especially great traction, thanks to the company’s decades of experience perfecting outsoles to meet the demands of the world’s best cricketers.

Authentic, classic Italian leather meets modern sensibilities in this slightly more contemporary design from Duca Del Cosma. The toe and heel cap are actually recyclable—though you won’t have to worry about that for a while with this thoughtful, durable, pillowy design—and the insole features recycled cork.

Soft and flexible knit meets a hardier leather patch for a tad extra support where you need it most in this hybrid design perfect for anyone looking for a contemporary aesthetic with a nod to the past.

With mesh uppers and a rubber “mudguard” along the outsole these shoes are made to withstand whatever dirt and grime the course may throw at you. The hybrid design is also made knowing you might be the kind of person who likes to walk the course from time to time, which is to say they’re designed for endurance and adventure.

Already selling fast, these Macklemore-approved brogues are total throwbacks thanks to the kiltie lace accouterments and classic perforated contour design. They’re packed with modernity too, of course, like in the Adidas signature “Boost” in-sole technology and the construction, which is made in part with recycled materials.

With such subtle, minimalist design moves, these golf shoes are so inconspicuous you’d hardly be able to tell them apart from your favorite knock around, comfy, and well-loved sneakers. Of course, the outsoles give up the goat, with an almost trefoil cleat design for lasting traction.

Handmade in Portugal by practiced artisans, these waterproof leather golf shoes, amongst other innovations, features a cork-covered sole that’s entirely natural and biodegradable, plus shaped to mirror your foot for extra comfort and feel-good, earth-conscious wear.

Another deceptively minimalist design, this technology-packed golf shoe includes extra soft support near the delicate Achilles heel and a rubber outsole that’s crafted in one piece, called “1-stitch” design, for traction that’s extra durable.

Befitted with airy light, antimicrobial, “massaging nubs” for comfort and endurance, this classic old-school golf cleat packs an edgy kick, thanks to the accent studs along the toe and heel. A style statement you can still match with your existing golf wardrobe.

A lime green accent along the outsole enlivens this otherwise traditional spikeless, brogue-ridden style. This pair also features the Adidas “Boost” technology for extra bounce to help you play livelier and longer.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a barely-there golf shoe, aka the kind of footwear you can easily dress up but still performs excellently on the course. Its sneaker style, inspired by the iconic tennis shoe designs of the 1970s, features a “studded” rubber sole to keep you firmly on your toes for those moments on course when it matters most.

Silver is basically white, yes? Just with a touch more iridescence. This shoe follows the theme of “goes with everything in your wardrobe” so we couldn’t resist adding it to this list—an especially ideal option if you’re easing into the monochrome white shoe and need a little sartorial lily pad that doubles as a high-performing loafer-style, versatile golf shoe.